Our Story

In 2012, Orbit Beers Founder Robert got in his campervan and set off on a journey to visit every single brewery in his native Scotland. It took him from the northernmost island in Shetland to the Outer Hebrides, the Scottish Borders and even his hometown of Dundee.

On a trip to discover great beer, he also discovered great people! And realised that the brewing industry was home to a wonderfully warm and passionate community that he wanted to be a part of.

With an overwhelming desire to start up a brewery of his own, Robert headed back home to South London to find a team of like-minded people who shared his enthusiasm for beer, brewing, and music. 

Bringing those elements together under the railway arches in Walworth, Orbit Beers was born and began to build its now award-winning portfolio of beers.

Our Ethos

Orbit Beers are deeply rooted in European brewing traditions with a modern approach. They take classic styles and make them their own, with an eye for finesse and drinkability. Orbit’s work is inspired by the ethos of their favourite record labels, who hold music and art above all else. Likewise, Orbit Beers accept no compromises when it comes to making their beer, winning multiple awards for their core range and their famous Tzatziki Sour.

Our Community

We support and stock fellow independent businesses, sourcing our taproom produce from suppliers such as MOMO Kombucha, Square Root Sodas, Old Spike Coffee, Afon Mel Mead, The British Crisp Co, The Nunhead Gardener, Plant Societree, and Saplings Spirits. 

  • Eco Friendly Delivery

    We work with Hugo's independent e-bike couriers for local London deliveries.

  • Supporting Indie Labels

    We regularly host DJs and musicians at our taproom supporting independent labels wherever we can. 

  • Local Community

    We proudly support local community events, art galleries, fundraisers, and grassroots football teams working with charities, clubs, and artists in and around the borough of Southwark.

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    Favourite Brew:

    Nico Köln Lager


    Head of Sales

    Favourite Brew:

    Cuvée de Cologne


    Drayman & Logistics

    Favourite Brew:



    General Manager

    Favourite Brew:

    Nico Köln Lager


    Head Brewer

    Favourite Brew:

    Tzatztiki Sour


    Marketing Manager

    Favourite Brew:

    Hakata Red Ale


    Brewery Assistant & Packaging Lead

    Favourite Brew:

    Jolly Saint Nico


    Sales Account Manager

    Favourite Brew:

    Ivo Pale Ale


    Taproom Manager

    Favourite Brew:

    Dead Wax London Porter


    Operations Executive

    Favourite Brew:

    Rice Lager


    Lead Brewer

    Favourite Brew:

    Ivo Pale Ale



    Favourite Brew:

    Peel Belgian Pale Ale

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion


We encourage equality, diversity and inclusion among our team, partners, and suppliers.


We are committed to avoiding discrimination in all aspects of our business from the working brewery to the customers at the taproom. Everyone is welcome and treated fairly with respect.

Zero Tolerance on Discrimination

We will not accept any form of discrimination in our venues on any grounds including, but not limited to, gender, sexuality, race, religion or belief, social class, health, age or disability. We will not stock products with sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or any other discriminatory branding.

Support & Educate

We aim to support and educate our workforce to recognise non-inclusive behaviours, words, and actions and act accordingly.

London Living Wage

We're a London Living Wage Employer as of 2016.

Inclusive Food & Drink In Taproom

We have a range of inclusive options at our taproom. We offer non-alcoholic and gluten-free drink options, and the majority of our beers are vegan. Our Taproom kitchen in residence Cue Point LDN cater to all dietary requirements (dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, halal, permissible).


  • We use green energy providers for the brewery and taproom.

  • Our drayman Chris delivers directly to most of our stockists, and we also use bike couriers (Hugo’s) for small local deliveries. This keeps transportation and mileage to an absolute minimum.

  • We use English malts, hops, and ingredients where possible.

  • Our spent malt is collected weekly by a local farmer to be used as cattle feed.

  • Other food and plant-based waste is collected to be used for Biomass.

  • Our merchandise textiles are made from recycled/organic cotton.

  • Our bottles (labels easily removed) can be easily recycled. For the homebrewers who come and collect them from our recycling bins, they provide an even more efficient form of recycling!

  • We ask for insights on our supply chain to ensure there’s no unfair working practices, child labour, or modern slavery.

  • We offer a cycle-to-work scheme with at least 85% of our workforce choosing to bike to work.