Our Story


Our story began when our Founder, Robert, set off on a journey in his VW campervan, Brian. His mission was clear: to discover beer in the land of whisky! This expedition took him (and Brian) to every single brewery in his native Scotland, from the northernmost island in Shetland to the Outer Hebrides, the Scottish Borders and even his home town of Dundee. The result was a book called The Tea Leaf Paradox and a burning desire to create Orbit Beers.

We moved into our double railway arch in Walworth, South London in early 2014 brewing our first batch there on July 1st of the same year. Since then all subsequent beers have been brewed and packaged on our site which has now expanded to include the arch next door.

Robert’s earliest memory is his fascination with vinyl records and in particular the distinctive, varying designs of the spindle adaptors that lived in the centre of his sisters’ 7″ singles, stacked above the turntable, ready to play. Around this time his new friends knew him as ‘Orbit’, a result of childhood difficulties pronouncing ‘Robert’.

At the inception of the brewery, it seemed fitting to bring to life that early nickname and his first iconic image to form our logo and our name, Orbit Beers.


The beers we brew at Orbit Beers are deeply rooted in European tradition, with a modern approach. We take classic styles and we make them our own, with an eye for finesse and drinkability.

We love the incredible balance of the beers of Germany, from Dusseldorf and Cologne in the Rhineland to the kellers of Franconia. We love the complexity of flavours that Belgian yeasts produce. We love hops, the spicy elegance of classic European ones, the zesty aromas of New Zealand varieties, and the fruity extremes of their American counterparts.

Our work is inspired by the ethos of our favourite record labels, who hold music and art above all else. Likewise, we accept no compromises when it comes to making our beer. We are Orbit Beers, we encourage you to listen, think, and drink independent.

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