Orbit Beers x Honest Burgers x Laine Brew Co. Present: The Vienna Lager

Honest Burgers Vienna Lager


Orbit’s Vienna Lager was brewed together with Laine Brew Co. and Honest Burgers to complement their delicious summer menu. This moreish, copper-coloured lager offers toasted malt flavours and a touch of caramel-like sweetness which is balanced with noble hops for a crisp, dry finish.

The Vienna Lager is a traditional style originating in Austria in the 1840s. It's malt-forward and creamy, with a clean finish, light body, and off-white foam head. It is refreshingly crisp and cuts through fried food. Yet the soft, toasted malts perfectly complement the flavours of beef, smoky bacon, cheese, and onion.

The Vienna Lager is available in Honest Burgers nationwide from 5th July alongside Orbit Ivo Pale Ale and Orbit Peel Belgian Pale in selected locations.


You can order Honest Burgers for delivery via Uber Eats, or visit their website to find your nearest location and check out the menus.

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