New Seasonal Release - Hakata Rice Lager


Once again, we’ve stepped into the world of Japanese-style brewing with our seasonal White Label Series beer brewed with Hakata Ramen Bar: the Rice Lager 5.4%. Crafted with precision and innovation, this brew transcends the idea of an ordinary rice lager, offering a unique blend of tradition and modernity that we’re known for at Orbit Beers.


What sets this rice lager apart is the unusual addition of Sorachi Ace hops, a distinct variety cultivated in Japan during the 1970s. This unique ingredient imparts delicate floral aromas of coconut, lemongrass, dill, and coriander, elevating the beer to a realm of refreshing sophistication. Complemented by torrefied flaked rice and cooked Vietnamese Japonica rice in the mash, the result is a beer characterized by a soft sweetness, medium carbonation, and a light body that leaves you wanting another sip with its crisp, clean finish.

It has to be said, the best place to enjoy this beer is in Hakata Ramen. Nestled in Bermondsey, their restaurant is a haven for fans of Japanese comfort food. From the signature Tonkotsu ramen to an array of delectable small dishes, each offering is crafted with care to ensure an unforgettable dining experience.

Venture downstairs to their intimate bar, where Tokyo dive-bar vibes mingle with the allure of an NYC speakeasy. Here, premium Japanese-inspired cocktails and sake await, alongside a curated selection of Orbit Beers, including our new Rice Lager.

Ramen, once a cherished comfort food of Japan, has now become a global culinary phenomenon. At Hakata Ramen, they pay homage to this legacy, drawing inspiration from the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, the birthplace of Tonkotsu ramen. Their commitment to authenticity is unwavering, marrying genuine Japanese ingredients with premium British fare to craft a menu that celebrates the essence of Japanese culinary tradition.

For those eager to recreate this pairing at home, a case of 12 or Hakata Rice Lagers is now available on our webshop, promising to complement your homemade Japanese dishes with some finesse. However, if you're not much of a cook, head to Hakata Ramen where you'll be in safe hands for a delicious meal every time.


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