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This spring we got together with our friends at Hakata Ramen Bar in Bermondsey to brew a tailor-made beer for their new Japanese-inspired menu - The Hakata Rice Lager - 4.9%

Hakata Ramen + Bar in Bermondsey brings everything that ramen-ya in Japan is famous for, quality comfort food, served in a vibrant atmosphere with friendly and efficient service.

Unusually for a rice lager, the beer has a distinctive characteristic from Sorachi Ace, a hop variety developed in Japan in the 1970s. This brings delicate floral notes of coconut, lemongrass, dill, and coriander to this refreshingly light and unique lager. Torrefied flaked rice and cooked Vietnamese Japonica rice were added to the mash, providing a soft sweetness, medium carbonation, and a light body. 

 Hakata Ramen Dishes

Hakata Ramen restaurant in Bermondsey offers a warm and inviting atmosphere specialising in Tonkotsu ramen and a range of popular Japanese small dishes, which perfectly accompany your meal or can be enjoyed by themselves, tapas-style.

It also hosts a basement is a bar. Think Tokyo dive-bar mashed with an NYC Speakeasy. A low-lit, intimate space offering premium Japanese-inspired cocktails and sake alongside a selection of Orbit Beers.

Ramen continues to gain popularity outside of Japan and it can now be considered one of the World’s best-loved comfort foods.
The southern Japanese island of Kyushu is the birthplace of Tonkotsu ramen (pork bone broth) and Hakata ramen is its most famous version.

Hakata Ramen Bar

HAKATA prides itself on its use of genuine Japanese and premium quality British ingredients, brought together by their expert kitchen team to provide a high-quality Tonkotsu and a range of other ramen styles, as well as a range of popular small dishes.

If you're any good at cooking Japanese cuisine at home, you can get a case of 12 x Hakata Rice Lager from our webshop for £31.50 that will pair perfectly with your dishes. If you're not much of a cook, head to Hakata Ramen where you'll be in safe hands for a delicious, comforting meal every time.

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