Introducing Our Latest Duo of Sours: Leipziger Gose & Cola Sour

It's a welcome return for the Orbit summer sours! Our freshest batch of award-winning Tzatziki Sour has been joined by two new limited-edition White Label Series Beers for summer. In true Orbit Beers style, the coming together of traditional and modern European-style beers has led to the creation of a classic Leipziger Gose and a more experimental Cola Sour brewed together with Manchester-based Steep Soda Co.


What is a Leipziger Gose?



This traditional beer style of Leipzig, Germany is one of the oldest, original Gose sours dating back to the early 19th century.

A refreshing tartness is balanced with a hint of smooth sweetness from the malt and wheat with clean, bright lime citrus flavors on the palate. Coriander and sea salt add a depth of herbal spice alongside subtle and balanced salinity without overpowering the citrus notes.

Light and effervescent with a puckering sensation that lingers, inviting you to take another sip.

For a bit more detail about the history of the style, head over to for beer writer and journalist Roger Protz's beer of the month:

What to Expect from the Cola Sour...


As an independent business, we try to support fellow independents who use some of the best ingredients to make truly artisan products. Based in Manchester, Steep co-founders Liam and Laura produce handcrafted, all-natural sodas with freshly pressed juice and fairtrade ingredients. As big fans of their Cola, the Orbit team were excited to collaborate with Steep to produce a cola-inspired sour beer. 

Infusing Steep Soda's mastery of natural cola flavors with our traditional sour beer base resulted in a harmonious blend of tartness and sharp citrus intertwined with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus, and coriander. Evoking fond memories of cola bottle sweets, this refreshing beer offers a journey through familiar yet elevated flavors.

The Brew 


Both beers began with the same base containing wheat malt, lager malt, Tettnang hops, and Lallemand WildBrew Helveticus before taking two very different directions. One offers the clean, crisp, flavors of a Leipziger-style Gose with sea salt and coriander seeds. Whereas the other infuses natural sweet cola flavors with gentle citrus sour notes to create something a little more playful.

Unlike our famous Tzatziki Sour, these beers are both vegan as they use a pitch of Lactobacillus Helveticus dried bacteria to sour during fermentation instead of natural Greek yogurt. 

Both sours showcase our brewer’s ability to manipulate a variety of ingredients and delicately balance flavors to showcase how this style of beer has evolved over time.

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Both the Leipziger Gose and the Cola Sour are available on tap at the Orbit Taproom and in selected stockists for a limited time. Similarly, both sours are available on the webshop in cases of 12, 24, and as in a mixed case together with Tzatziki Sour. If you would like a vegan-friendly mixed case without Tzatziki sour, just drop us and email at and we can sort you out.

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