Helles Lager - New Collab with Leng Records and Filly Brook

Orbit Brewery collab photo

Our new Helles Lager is a collaboration with our friends at @lengrecords@fillybrook bar & restaurant, and @saiderasounds to coincide with their latest release - the Brazilian-inspired 'Luzes Da Cidade’.

Our love of vinyl and independent labels has always been at the heart of Orbit Beers, with the spindle adaptor forming the logo and quality music influencing brews like the Helles Lager. 

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We had the guys from Leng Records & Filly Brook down to Orbit Brewery for the day to brew the beer together and listen to some of the awesome Saidera soundtrack.

“Saidera” means “the last one” when referring to drinks on a night out. Kind of like “one for the road” but very culturally Brazilian. There can be 5 or 6 “saideras” but there’s always a “Mais Uma Saidera" (one more last one). 

Collab Brew day at Orbit Beers

About Saidera

Joining the dots between Brazilian musical culture and the sonic melting pot that is New York City, Saidera are a trio on the rise. They’ve already released a pair of critically acclaimed, carnival-ready singles on Brooklyn’s Let’s Play House label and are now ready to make their debut on Leng Records.

Now based in Rio and California, the group’s sun-soaked sound – which they describe as “samba disco-Afro melody” – is a cross-cultural stew in which infectious Brazilian percussion, colourful synth sounds, glistening guitars and celebratory vocals combine to create magical, life-affirming musical moments. 

‘Luzes Da Cidade’, their first outing on Leng Records, encapsulates all that’s good about the Saidera sound and the trio’s approach to music. The song is about identity and connection and in its original form is languid, loved-up and joyous, with acoustic and electric guitars, Portuguese vocals and Korey Riker’s gently breezy flute solos rising above a squelchy synth bassline and energetic, sweat-soaked samba drums.

The perfect accompaniment to the Helles Lager!

Saidera Vinyl
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