Gluten-Free Beer: Nico Köln Lager

Did you know that our multi-award-winning Nico Köln Lager happens to be both vegan and gluten-free?

Nico has always been naturally low in gluten, so we've been through a thorough testing process in the last year to certify that it is in fact gluten-free, making our delicious beer more accessible for everyone.
Nico is made from gluten-containing grains where the gluten has been removed. The beer is still made with malted barley, which is broken down during fermentation, but we then add a commonly used enzyme called Brewer's Clarex to further break down the gluten proteins. This reduces the gluten content to less than 10ppm without affecting the taste of the beer. Anything under 20ppm is classified as gluten-free in the UK and is suitable for those who are gluten intolerant or sensitive to gluten. 

Nico pours pale and golden, offering a fragrant herbal hop aroma with lemon citrus and green apple notes. Light on the palate, a touch of bready maltiness, with an assertive hop character. The crisp bitterness makes it eminently drinkable, and you can expect pear drop notes from the distinctive Kölsch yeast.

There are over 20 breweries in Cologne (Köln) producing Kölsch, and to protect their brewing heritage, there is a law in place that states your beer cannot be called a ‘Kölsch’ unless it’s brewed within the Cologne metropolitan area.

That’s why Orbit’s flagship beer Nico is called a Köln Lager rather than a Kölsch (despite being brewed with a Kölsch yeast) to respect the Cologne law and their brewing traditions.


Great Taste * 2021 & 2023 Winner
Judges comments: 

"We thought that the beer was very pleasant in every way. The nose was crisp and subtle and the maltiness was restrained and provided a delicious backbone."

"Easy-drinking, slightly hazed, straw-coloured lager with a sweet bready nose and a soft textured finish. Well balanced and you can't help think but that it's been well made to show such finesse."

"The flavour is bready, with a nicely balanced sweetness and a very long finish. It would be great with food, standing up to stronger flavours."

"The aroma is herbaceous and dangerously easy to drink for an ABV of 4.8! The palate is herbal, rounded, and the mouthfeel is pleasant. We felt we could drink a fair amount of this!"


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