Digger's Series: Barrel-aged Lentebock

Barrel-aged Lentebock

Orbit first brewed a Lentebock back in 2020. It's a Dutch style of lager, brewed in Holland to celebrate the start of springtime (it has nothing to do with the religious concept of Lent - 'Lente' means 'spring' in Dutch). It's refreshing, and crisp, with a bold bitterness. Similar to a German Maibock, but with a lower ABV and a more subtle bitterness (Orbit original Lentebock was 6.4%, Maibocks are usually around 7.5%).

We decided to barrel-age some of the original Lentebock, introducing Brettanomyces and allowing it to mature and develop in oak bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill Distillery in Kentucky until winter 2022.
The result is a barrel-aged Lentebock (7.4% abv) offering aromas of smoky leather and pineapple, with a touch of caramel. The flavour is slightly acidic with a boozy warmth. A rounded bitterness that is balanced with a moreish sweetness and a dry finish.

A unique barrel-aged beer that has a bold character showcasing the Brett flavours and malt sweetness with lightly smoky and fruity notes.

Digger's Series

At Orbit Beers we celebrate patience. The patience needed to spend hours flipping through records, hoping to find a rare gem to add to your collection. The patience needed to age beer in wood, extracting the character of the barrel, or waiting for wild yeast and bacteria to perform their magic, enhancing the complexity and roundness of flavour.

These beers belong in our Digger’s Series, of which the flagship beer is Cuvée de Cologne. We’re also barrel-ageing Dead Wax with Old Spike Coffee, and Barley Wine as of 2022.

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You can get the Barrel-aged Lentebock in our Digger's Series mixed case or in a box of its own.
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