Barrel-aged Barley Wine 11.5%, the Ultimate Winter Warmer

Our brew team decided to brew a barley wine back in 2021 to celebrate our 600th Gyle (brew). Referred to as the grandfather of ales, it's usually dark amber in colour and between 8-12% ABV, which lends itself well to ageing.

We brewed it over the summer of 2021, maturing some of it in bottles to allow flavours to round out and integrate, and ageing the remainder in oak bourbon barrels from Heaven Hills Distillery in Kentucky to allow it mature and mellow, taking on the oak and vanilla flavours from the bourbon barrel.

Expect a body of luxurious smooth caramel, intense malt & dried fruit flavours, and a hint of nutty umami on the palate. The barrel-aged version takes on additional flavours of oak and vanilla from the barrel, before offering a delectable warming alcohol finish rounding out any bitterness.

Pairs well with strong cheeses, such as aged cheddar and stilton, as well as fruit cake and rich desserts. 

The strength of a North American Barley Wine but with the malt flavours and mouthfeel of an old English classic. Like the finest Christmas Pudd enjoyed in your favourite woollen pullover beside a crackling, roaring fireplace, curtains drawn and fairy lights twinkling. The ultimate winter warmer.

Digger's Series

At Orbit Beers we celebrate patience. The patience needed to spend hours flipping through records, hoping to find a rare gem to add to your collection. The patience needed to age beer in wood, extracting the character of the barrel, or waiting for wild yeast and bacteria to perform their magic, enhancing the complexity and roundness of flavour.

These beers belong in our Digger’s Series, of which the flagship beer is Cuvée de Cologne. We’re also barrel-ageing Dead Wax with Old Spike Coffee, and our limited-edition Barley Wine as of 2022.
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You can get the Barrel-aged Barley Wine in our Digger's Series mixed case, in a box of its own, and alongside the Barley Wine in our Barley Wine mixed case.
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