Baltic Porter: Orbit Beers x Utopian Brewing

Orbit Beers and Utopian Brewing share a love of European-style beers, and following on from our Olicana Altbier collaboration in 2022, we've teamed up again in 2023 to celebrate the Baltic Porter style.


This comes as part of our White Label Series beers which are released monthly and explore the more experimental side of our brewing alongside the core range.

Produced in small amounts, white-label records are distributed by labels to DJs and radio stations to promote new artists and test the listeners’ reactions to their tracks. Orbit Beers’ White Label Series is an ever-growing collection of one-off releases that explore the innovative and experimental side of our brewing. From Hefeweizens and Lentebocks, to Tzatziki Sours, and Barley Wines.


The Baltic Porter

Head Brewers Paul Spraget (Orbit Beers) and Jeremy Swainson (Utopian Brewing) were inspired to make a porter with a complex malt profile and clean finish to showcase this particular style.


The majority of malts used for this beer are British-grown alongside Bullion UK hops and Utopian’s house lager yeast.

At 7.4%, this deep chestnut-coloured Porter has a complex malt profile with aromas of caramel, chocolate, toasted hazelnuts, and dried cherries. Expect a smooth, malty sweetness, hints of liquorice, and rich, dried fruits with lively carbonation, a boozy warmth, and a dry finish.



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