Award-winning Tzatziki Sour

We're so pleased that our Tzatziki Sour has won two stars at this year's Great Taste Awards. A massive congratulations to our amazing brew team for getting this unusual beer spot on.

About Tzatziki Sour

Inspired by head brewer Paul's double summer holiday to Brussels, Belgium & Symi, Greece, where the combination of moreish Belgian sours and delicious mezze under the Grecian sun sparked a brilliant idea.

This award-winning Berliner Weisse-influenced kettle sour emulates the flavours of the classic Greek yoghurt dip. A clean, vibrant & zingy summer refresher. Originally brewed by Paul at Mad Hatter Brewery in Liverpool! We decided to bring the beer back to life down in south London. Straw yellow colour, hazy white foamy head, with aromas of cucumber, mint, and lemon & lime citrus with a light malt character. Creamy smooth mouthfeel, with a mildly tart lactic sourness. Light, dry finish with a mellow bitterness and soft to medium carbonation.

As with all our beers, we use the freshest ingredients. Fresh cucumbers are juiced by the team, which takes a few hours, and it's then added to the beer until the balance between the cucumber, and citrus hops is perfect. We then use fresh mint as we would dry hops, and add this at the last minute, tasting regularly to ensure it doesn't overpower the other flavours. 

It's worth noting that we also use fresh Greek yoghurt to sour the beer, which means this is one of our few beers that isn't vegan-friendly.


Tzatziki Sour, shouldn't work, but it does! It's the perfect balance of flavours that gives this beer it's cult following. What started off as a limited edition white label series beer, has since become a regular summer special, and it's now one that we brew all year round.

Don't just take our word for it. Here is what the Great Taste Judges had to say:

"What a truly stunning aroma of yoghurt, mint and tzatziki and back notes of beer hops, and the instant sour characteristics are delivered very well to the palate, followed by the beer hops and cucumber and subtle lactic yoghurt flavours. The beer is balanced, good fun, pleasing, well brewed, interesting, complex and over all very enjoyable to drink. Your creation has made us smile."

"Very much a Berliner Weisse and indeed with good replication of Tzatziki on nose and palate. The sourness is well managed and unaggressive, and the flavours persist nicely to a clean finish. Strange and strangely enjoyable."

"An extremely intriguing beer!  The initial sour notes on the nose were well received.. The beer is indeed delightfully sour and delivers the flavours of tzatziki."


you can listen to our Head Brewer Paul tell you all about Tzatziki Sour in the latest episode of 'Points of Brew'


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