World Cup Bookings at the Taproom

We'll be showing MOST of the World Cups Games at the taproom! That includes opening early and opening on selected Mondays & Tuesdays. Find out more below...
The World Cup is something that both us, and many of our customers look forward to, but aspects of the 2022 tournament don't match up to our values as a company and a team. So, for every pint of Nico Lager sold in the taproom during the matches, we'll be donating 10p to Stonewall to support their Rainbow Laces campaign - championing diversity in football. Because football is, and should be for everyone.

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Make sure to book a table, and let us know you're coming for the football.

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What's On, When?

Green = Showing (Y)

Red = Not Showing (N)


Group stage - all kick-off times in UK

Sunday November 20
 Group A: Qatar vs Ecuador (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Monday November 21 (open from midday)
Group B: England vs Iran (kick-off 1pm) (Y)
Group A: Senegal vs Netherlands (kick-off 4pm) (Y)
Group B: USA vs Wales (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Tuesday November 22 (open from 3pm)
Group C: Argentina vs Saudi Arabia (kick-off 10am) (N)
Group D: Denmark vs Tunisia (kick-off 1pm) (N)
Group C: Mexico vs Poland (kick-off 4pm) (Y)
Group D: France vs Australia (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Wednesday November 23
Group F: Morocco vs Croatia (kick-off 10am) (N)
Group E: Germany vs Japan (kick-off 1pm) (N)
Group E: Spain vs Costa Rica (kick-off 4pm) (Y)
Group F: Belgium vs Canada (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Thursday November 24
Group G: Switzerland vs Cameroon (kick-off 10am) (N)
Group H: Uruguay vs South Korea (kick-off 1pm) (N)
Group H: Portugal vs Ghana (kick-off 4pm) (Y)
Group G: Brazil vs Serbia (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Friday November 25
Group B: Wales vs Iran (kick-off 10am) (N)
Group A: Qatar vs Senegal (kick-off 1pm) (N)
Group A: Netherlands vs Ecuador (kick-off 4pm) (Y)
Group B: England vs USA (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Saturday November 26
Group C: Tunisia vs Australia (kick-off 10am) (N)
Group C: Poland vs Saudi Arabia (kick-off 1pm) (Y)
Group D: France vs Denmark (kick-off 4pm) (Y)
Group C: Argentina vs Mexico (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Sunday November 27
Group E: Japan vs Costa Rica (kick-off 10am) (N)
Group F: Belgium vs Morocco (kick-off 1pm) (Y)
Group F: Croatia vs Canada (kick-off 4pm) (Y)
Group E: Spain vs Germany (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Monday November 28 (open from 3pm)
Group G: Cameroon vs Serbia (kick-off 10am) (N)
Group G: South Korea vs Ghana (kick-off 1pm) (N)
Group H: Brazil vs Switzerland (kick-off 4pm) (Y)
Group H: Portugal vs Uruguay (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Tuesday November 29 (open from 3pm)
Group A: Netherlands vs Qatar (kick-off 3pm) (Y)
Group A: Ecuador vs Senegal (kick-off 3pm) (Y)
Group B: Wales vs England (kick-off 7pm) (Y)
Group B: Iran vs USA (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Wednesday November 30
Group D: Australia vs Denmark (kick-off 3pm) (N)
Group D: Tunisia vs France (kick-off 3pm) (N)
Group C: Poland vs Argentina (kick-off 7pm) (Y)
Group C: Saudi Arabia vs Mexico (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Thursday December 1
Group F: Croatia vs Belgium (kick-off 3pm) (N)
Group F: Canada vs Morocco (kick-off 3pm) (N)
Group E: Costa Rica vs Germany (kick-off 7pm) (Y)
Group E: Japan vs Spain (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Friday, December 2
Group G: South Korea vs Portugal (kick-off 3pm) (N)
Group G: Ghana vs Uruguay (kick-off 3pm) (N)
Group H: Serbia vs Switzerland (kick-off 7pm) (Y)
Group H: Cameroon vs Brazil (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Next Round

Saturday December 3
49 - Winners of Group A vs Runners-up of Group B (kick-off 3pm) (Y)
50 - Winners of Group C vs Runners-up of Group D (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Sunday December 4
52 - Winners of Group D vs Runners-up of Group C (kick-off 3pm) (Y)
51 - Winners of Group B vs Runners-up of Group A (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Monday December 5 
53 - Winners of Group E vs Runners-up of Group F (kick-off 3pm) (N)
54 - Winners of Group G vs Runners-up of Group H (kick-off 7pm) (N)

Tuesday December 6
55 - Winners of Group F vs Runners-up of Group E (kick-off 3pm) (N)
56 - Winners of Group H vs Runners-up of Group G (kick-off 7pm) (N)


Friday December 9 (open from 2.30pm)
58 - Winners of 53 vs Winners of 54 (kick-off 3pm) (Y)
57 - Winners of 49 vs Winners of 50 (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Saturday December 10
60 - Winners of 55 vs Winners of 56 (kick-off 3pm) (Y)
59 - Winners of 51 vs Winners of 52 (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Tuesday December 13 (open from 4pm)
61 - Winners of 57 vs Winners of 58 (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Wednesday December 14
62 - Winners of 59 vs Winners of 60 (kick-off 7pm) (Y)

Saturday December 17
63 - Third place play-off (kick-off 3pm) (Y)


Sunday December 18
64 - The World Cup final (kick-off 3pm) (Y)

This World Cup, we’re proud to announce that we’re a This Fan Girl Charter venue.

@thisfangirl_, the online community powered by women who love the game have shared their recommendations with us for things we can do to improve our venue for female fans. These are a couple of the things we’ll be doing/taking on.

1) You can book tables ahead of the games to ensure you have a space designated for you and your group.

2) Our bar staff will keep their eyes open to any unwanted behaviours when rotating and collecting drinks in the venue. If you experience any behaviour that makes you uncomfortable please report it to our staff.

3) We have gender-neutral toilets and well-lit smoking areas, with CCTV inside and out. If you need to wait inside for your taxi at the end of the night just let our bar staff know.

It’s different from World Cups we’ve experienced in the past with the majority of games either starting, or starting and ending in darkness so we’re committed to making sure our venue does its bit to make everyone feel comfortable.

Support the This Fan Girl Charter Campaign. Find out more: 

We want everyone to have a great time so we have put together some simple guidelines we would like everyone to follow when coming to the Taproom.


While you are a customer at Orbit Beers Taproom you can expect the following behaviours:

● We will always treat you with fairness, integrity, dignity and respect.
● We will be respectful of the many different values, beliefs, cultures and religions held by our many customers.

In return, we expect the following behaviours from our customers:

● No form of harassment, victimisation, bullying, discrimination or threatening,
malicious or abusive language or conduct will be tolerated towards our staff or
● We will not tolerate racism, sexism, ableism, homophobic or transphobic
language, behaviours and actions. 

Of course, our customers tend to follow this Customer Code. However, where this is not the case:

● In the event of any of these policies being broken, we will ask you to leave the
premises immediately.
● We may take further action in calling the police
● We reserve the right to refuse entry to our venue in the future

If you have witnessed any of these behaviours, you can inform us by:

● Letting a member of staff know at the bar
● Calling us on 020 7703 9092
● Sending us an email to
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